Dell Data Protection | Encryption

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Dell Data Protection |Encryption Demo

Speaker: Bryan Grimes

How much is your organization willing to pay for that lost laptop with unprotected data? Join us for a live demo to see how Dell Data Protection | Encryption can help ensure your organization’s data is protected.

Date:Every other Wednesday

Time:1:00 pm PM CT

Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace Demo

Speaker: Matt Kennedy

Malicious sites, spear-phishing, water hole attacks and much more, target your end-users everyday. Join us to see a live demo of Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace, a proactive approach to protecting against malware and advanced persistent threats in real-time.

Date:Every other Wednesday

Time:1:00 PM CT

Dell Data Protection | Cloud Encryption Demo

Speaker: Ben Rand

Learn how to enable secure use of cloud storage services transparently without disrupting your users but still protecting the data.

Date:Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time:1:00 PM CT

Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace Healthcare Regulations & Malware Prevention

Speaker: Anup Ghosh

Discover how DDP|Dell Protected Workspace uniquely addresses Healthcare regulations related to malware prevention on the endpoint.

Date:Thursday, October 23, 2014

Time:1:00 PM CT